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(4) Unmasking Israeli Apartheid: Challenges facing the media, academic publications, international human rights organization

This paper will consider the international politics of the apartheid analysis, addressing questions such as:  Why is it possible for Israel to project itself in the west as ‘the only democracy in the middle east’?  and why is it possible for it to effectively evade critical scrutiny, let alone prosecution before international war crimes tribunals, as Uri Davis put it in his book Apartheid Israel (2003)? Is Zionism above scrutiny? Or is it, like any other political movement, subject to a critical examination according to the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Also, in light of the Trump Executive order in December 2019 to ‘combat campus antisemitism’, what are the new challenges facing freedom of speech and academic research?  What effective measures can be taken to put an end to this anomaly?

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