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Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchel Plitnick unmask the systems and structures that enable progressives to separate Palestine from all other rights-based struggles and treat it differently.  They also highlight how US policy entrenches Israel’s authoritarian rule over Palestinians, and observe how Israel perpetuates this oppression by misrepresenting Palestinians who speak of their oppression as anti-Semites motivated by a hatred of Israel.

Cornel West, academic, political activist and public intellectual described the book as a “clarion call for moral integrity and political consistency”: “For too long, many have championed the rights and liberties of oppressed peoples here and abroad, but remained silent on Palestinian freedom, or even worse, supported U.S. policies that render Palestinian humanity and suffering invisible. This clear and courageous book is a clarion call for moral integrity and political consistency.”

  • Authors: Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchel Plitnick
  • Publisher: The New Press
  • Publication date: February 2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781620975923

The book is accessible through The New Press