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“Israeli apartheid can, and will, be dismantled” – by Omar Mofeed, Mondoweiss

“Recently, one of Israel’s most respected human rights NGOs joined a multitude of civil society organizations, including a plethora of Palestinian organizations and scholars, in naming this reality as a system of apartheid. They rightly said that systematic racial discrimination acts as an organizing principle upholding the supremacy of one group, Jews, over another, Palestinians.

While a growing number of organizations have caught up with us Palestinians in recognizing apartheid, Israel has continued to intensify its racist control and domination of Palestinian lives; from accelerating the demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territory, to continuing to cripple Gaza under a 15-year land, air, and sea blockade.”

Join the efforts in resisting apartheid during IAW 2021.  There are events across the globe, and it is the responsibility of every person “to take aim at the institutions that uphold racist systems of rule.”

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