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Lancaster Council votes to divest £8m from Israeli Companies Who Help to Maintain the Occupation – by Noa Hoffman, The Jewish Chronicle (JC)

On June 23, Lancaster City Council councilors passed a motion that called on the Council’s pension fund to withdraw funding from companies that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign alleges to be complicit in Israel’s illegal settlement activities in the West Bank. If the Fund acts in accordance with the motion, an estimated £8 million will be divested.

Councilors who voted in support of the motion hoped that it would help to ensure Israel was held to account for its violations of international law, including the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians.

The motion was introduced by the Eco-Socialist Independent councilor Jack O’Dwyer-Henry, who said the Council was “playing our small part… in opposition to the daily death and destruction unleashed on Palestine”.

Gina Dowding, a Green councilor, said: “People… want to know that their pension money isn’t coming from any companies who are abusing the international system and doing things illegally.”

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