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Cornell West cites ‘anti-Palestinian prejudice’ in resignation letter to Harvard – Middle East Monitor

On February 19, Cornell West responded to his tenure dispute with Harvard University by posting on Twitter. He wrote: “Is Harvard a place for a free Black man like myself whose Christian faith & witness put equal value on Palestinian & Jewish babies – like all babies- & reject all occupations as immoral?”

On July 13, the 67-year-old philosopher, political activist, and social critic posted his resignation letter, in which he cited the university’s “anti-Palestinian prejudice” as one of his main reasons for departing. Ninety organisations and interest groups at Harvard, including Jewish Coalition for Peace and other Jewish groups, claimed that the denial of tenure was “[….] testament to Harvard’s continued expulsion of faculty who offer incisive analysis of white supremacy, racial capitalism, Zionism, and the military-industrial complex, all of which Professor West fervently critiques” (Forward, 2021).

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